Mohammed A. Razzaq Ali Al Banna – CRM student feedback
Certified Digital Marketing Professional student feedback
Naweed Akbar Jalal
Compliance Supervise and Deputy Money laundering Reporting - BFC Company - English for Business Trainee

I am very grateful to OTC for providing this kind of course and with their highly qualified professional trainer like Ms. Desiree Brigola. She gave her best effort to help us improve and develop our macro skills in using the English Language.

Aysha Salem
Compliance Assistant - BFC Company - English for Business Trainee

The training syllabus and lessons were easy to understand for all the trainees. The trainer was kind, educated and helpful. She chose easier but interesting ways to let everybody understand the topics of the course. This training helped me a lot professionally as my writing and speaking skills improved. My Line Manger commended my improvement in delivering the English language.

Aisha Al Ansari
How to sell yourself workshop attendant

I got information about how to make the CV to apply for a job during this workshop. We have to be confident and keep developing m self and what are the common mistakes in making CV.

بيان عدنان
حاضرة لورشة كيف تسوق لنفسك

حصلت على معلومات حول كيفية جعل السيرة الذاتية للتقدم لوظيفة خلال ورشة العمل هذه. مثل يجب أن نكون واثقين ونستمر في تطوير الذات وما هي الأخطاء الشائعة في صنع السيرة الذاتية.

Eman Al Naham
LCCI English for Business Trainee

My first experience with Origin Training Center was the best because I benefited a lot from many aspects, especially as I was privileged to have the opportunity to deal with them and this is a great honor for me.

OTC employees were too polite and reliable. The way they deal with unique and attractive at the same time I am sure if you dealt with them for the time will wish to be repeated

I’m really happy to have an opportunity to be one of OTC Trainees. 

Safa Saif
AAT Certificate trainee

It was really useful course I have benefited a lot and teacher Mariam was very friendly with the students, all the management was helpful and very understanding and I look forward to take more courses at the center.

Perfection in every detail

Origin Training Centre anticipate Training and Development as a national mission. Carrying a belief with great passion will help and support the Human Capital of the entire community in Bahrain towards achieving its vision 2030.


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