Dr. Ahmed Al Banna

All Gulf Cooperation Council countries face considerable challenges in ensuring that young people are well integrated into the workforce. In some, the solutions of these challenges are to lower youth unemployment and improve access to either work or study. In others, is to up-skill youth and improve access to quality jobs.

Assisting youth to make a smoother transition from education to work has been a key focus of these efforts as well as developing and expanding effective and active labour market programmes for young job seekers.

Origin Training Centre (OTC) seeks to support the above strategic vision by bridging the gap between the academic realm and the employment market. OTC firmly believes that such an ambitious vision can only be achieved through an effective, structured and professional approach to training.

Through in depth research, OTC has identified shortages in very specific, highly specialised skills. We have marshalled, through our team of very experienced professionals, with access to our global expertise, to offer training in these unique fields using our well-developed flexible, customised and effective approach.

In designing training programmes, OTC adheres to the highest quality and excellence standards when it comes to content, practicality and professional delivery. In achieving these objectives, we have allied ourselves with international, reputable accreditation bodies to bring to our clients and trainees value adding and credible programmes.

We hope to add more value to each organisation and depth to the knowledge of each human being using our programme directly or indirectly.

Let us go the extra mile… it is always less crowded.